10 Ekim 2022

    | Devamı

    The Zionist powers, the rulers of the Secret World State, and the leaders of the USA and Russia, their puppets, had planned the Ukrainian War together. Recall the videos in which, during a conversation, Putin was kept waiting for a long time and humiliated at the door of the office by the Israeli Prime Minister... And again, remember when Israel made a missile attack on the supposedly Super Power, Russia's Naval Base in Tartus, Syria, against which Russia couldn't even retaliate. Try to understand how geriatric and overwhelmed Joe Biden was not even able to rule big America and the world... And how some dark organizations made some countries with their supposedly elected "democratic puppets” serve their own evil goals from behind the scenes!? So, these same evil powers had Russia attack Ukraine, included Sweden and Finland to NATO for to create a necessary and manageable new evil order and even so, just to restore the pendulum of Capitalist-Socialist controversy aiming to spread the dominance of Zionist exploitation.

    Please remember, when the Nation Alliance (electoral alliance in Türkiye) explained that they would ‘break and remove the treasury guaranteed heist wheel’ which was given to foreign and subsidiary companies”, by the supposedly pious hero (!) Mr. Erdogan who had revealed both his worth and of whom they served by saying; "Oh, there is International Arbitration, they will take that money from you!... Because International Arbitration was creation of the Zionist exploitation barons, and Erdogan personally witnessed what these power centers were capable of!.. But there was a fact they had forgotten since they took off and discarded their National Vision ‘shirt" (Milli Görüş: Political sight in Türkiye), in other words, their religious and conscientious identity which was that The only One with Power and Might was Almighty Allah alone, and His revenge was imminent!..

    Russia Had Used its Energy Trump Card Against the West!

    Against the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe and the United States, Russian President Putin, imposed the obligation to start a ruble account in Russian banks for countries importing natural gas from Russia starting from April 1 and pay natural gas payouts in rubles. This request of Russia was initially rejected by all countries out of concern that it would neutralize the economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States. However, due to the problems of energy supply security that may be caused by the current high dependence on Russia, it had caused differences and disagreements to arise between European countries. Just as in the fact that how ruble accounts were started in Russian banks having gas payments be made in ruble, this disagreement manifested itself as well as in completely stopping the purchase of oil from Russia. On the other hand, Russia cut off the natural gas of Poland and Bulgaria, countries that refused to start ruble accounts in Russian banks and pay gas in rubles.



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